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Gold Standard Home Care has positioned itself as an industry leader in the windows cleaning market throughout the wider GTA. We understand that we are taking care of one of your biggest assets and possessions—your home or business. Thus, we offer one of the finest services in the market at competitive prices. Our innovative window cleaning technologies have streamlined our service offering, ensuring that the whole process is smooth and hassle free for the home-owner. At Gold Standard we have committed ourselves to customer satisfaction.

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October 15, 2018

To say I am disappointed with this company is an understatement. They have been scheduled to clean our chandeliers three times. The first time the cleaner did not have a long enough ladder to clean a ceiling mounted chandelier, despite the company having been sent photos clearly showing that it was mounted two stories high. The second time was a no-show - the reason being that I did not confirm online (a search in my span uncovered that the email was returned undeliverable), The third time I received a call indicating that the cleaner did not, once again, have a ladder long enough and would have to rent and reschedule. Prior to each visit, I moved furniture and covered that which I could not move. I do not recommend.
July 19, 2017

Gold Standard sent me written quote to re-caulk some of my windows. When they didnt show up I called. I was told that the contractor drove by & decided the quote was too low. Did not have the decency to knock on the door to find out which windows required caulking. Yuri my contact person said he could not provide me with the name of the person who runs this Company and only knew his boss by first name Sydney. Sydney was not available to take my call. My actual rating is 0. I was able to get another company to do the job they refused to do for $300.00 less than Gold Standard quoted and refused to do without me paying 50% more than their original written quote.
April 22, 2017

I arranged gutter cleaning with this company. Their local cleaner Jeremy Kent contacted me and said he would clean the gutters. Due to construction work at my home he couldn't clean the first time he came. But he took the check I left for him and cashed it. One month later he had still not cleaned despite cashing the check for $162. So I called Gold Standard back. Their response? Since it was more than 48 hours before they could not help. In my book that's theft. Avoid Gold Standard at all costs.
December 22, 2015

Gold Standard is my number one choice for home cleaning. I used to have 3 different contractors to finish jobs in and around my home which was costly and time-wasting. When I found that Gold Standard covers all the services I needed I immediately switched and told the old contractors goodbye. Contacting, scheduling and payment have been quick and easy. You can tell they are all about customer satisfaction because they stick around until things are sparkly clean!
November 26, 2015

The carpet cleaning service offered by Gold Standard is awesome. I like the fact that they offer commercial standards but are still able to do smaller residential jobs.

Thanks also for being able to come out so soon. Your technicians were on time and did a fabulous job getting that carpet back to its original clean.
June 10, 2015

This is the second time I’ve used Gold Standard for our carpet cleaning needs in three years, the first time after we moved in. The crew does a great job at cleaning our carpets on the stairs, bedrooms, and in the basement. There's fur plus a lot of dirt that you can't even see ground in there. It's very impressive how much they get up. We've decided to make this annual as I'm confident it will reduce mildew and other irritants in the air.
February 18, 2015

Highly recommended if you have pets. Speaking for myself, our carpets get dirty pretty quickly from cat fur and dirty paws. With my one year old son learning to walk we’re not ready to have hard wood floors as yet, so we choose Gold Standard Home Care’s annual carpet cleaning service and it’s just excellent. The cleaner is kind and respectful of the home and best of all the job gets done in a jiffy.
October 12, 2014

Gold Standard’s carpet cleaning service was the only company that I can say cleaned my store’s carpet to my satisfaction after nine years in business. After the cleaning was done they applied what I believe is called a carpet guard, which no one has offered me before. I will definitely be using these guys again.
August 14, 2014

The technicians came into our home on time for the quote we requested. They were extremely nice, friendly and professional. Their carpet cleaning services were on point and knocked years off the look of the carpet. Well done. I did have to chase accounting over one issue but it was resolved quickly enough.
May 16, 2014

Wow! We're definitely having you back next year for the Spring landscaping. The crew was friendly and the work was first rate. Straight from morning to late afternoon too. We've had compliments already on how great the yard and garden bed look. Plus it came in it at the quote price. Definite recommendation.
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