Best Price Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

162 Birch Hill Private Ottawa ON K1K 3Y5

At best price carpet & upholstery cleaning we strive to provide you with the best quality and price around, we will even attempt to match one of our competitors written quote if that is what it takes to earn your business, restrictions can apply with price match. Best price offers 2 carpet cleaning processes 1. standard steam cleaning with the manual wand the same as 95% of the carpet cleaning industry, except we are owner operated so the owner is always on site to ensure top quality and 2. New Technology Steam Cleaning with the revolutionary Rotovac 360i, the Rotovac provides 360 degree cleaning and 1700 rpms of cleaning power and agitation not to mention it has 3 vacuum pickups unlike standard steam cleaning which can only offer 1 in the manual wand. With the Rotovac we achieve a deeper, better cleaning mostly due to recovering 30% more water than with the standard manual wand, this allows your carpets to dry faster, provides less down time for you in your home, normally with the Rotovac your carpets are dry in 4 hours or less. It is no secret that carpets that are wetter longer have more dirt left behind, or did you think the last company to clean your carpets was leaving clean water behind? Therefore with a deeper extraction you achieve 2 things, more dirt removed from your carpets, and a faster dry time and who would not want this superior cleaning at the Best Price.