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Gold Standard Home Care has positioned itself as an industry leader in the windows cleaning market throughout the wider GTA. We understand that we are taking care of one of your biggest assets and possessions—your home or business. Thus, we offer one of the finest services in the market at competitive prices. Our innovative window cleaning technologies have streamlined our service offering, ensuring that the whole process is smooth and hassle free for the home-owner. At Gold Standard we have committed ourselves to customer satisfaction.

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20 Oct 2016

Stay Away Horrible Job/Staff that Threatens

They did not clean all areas as per agreed. They left my house with damages. Near impossible to contact anyone at the number we were given. When they were re-scheduled for an early appt to come back to correct/fix the issues they sent a text that they would be there between 10am to 1pm - I called & at 3:50pm I finally got thru to someone who had no customer service skills what so ever. Yes, I'll admit I was upset when I called but he was just plain rude. Kept saying "Don't worry, we'll take of you".

Since they come out to our house - They spoke to my husband while he was at work, demanded payment right away. He said he would pay but he was at work and he would call them back at a suitable time. They then threatened my husband by saying that they would damage his credit rating. This weekend we called to issue payment but as usual no one answered so a message was left on their voicemail. We still have not heard back from them. The "invoice" we received was a piece of paper stuck in our door. We have now hired another contractor to fix the damage. They are threatening people, when you speak to them, they just yell and talk over you.
20 May 2016

Team definitely works hard

Inside workers were a day late and outside workers were a day early!

Other than that, everything was perfect. The whole team definitely works hard and the house looks much better. I'll be having you back in the fall.
7 Jan 2016

Lies, lies and more lies

They came to my door and I hired them to clean the eaves after i pointed out a high section to be sure they knew what was involved.
They came to clean, took the money and left without a word.
In a heavy rain I discovered they hadn't touched that that thirty-foot long high section.
I complained and they said they'd come to fix it during the week.
I assumed they had come but it turned out they never did as a few weeks later a roofer told me our eaves were still full.
I complained again and they then said it was too high - legal limit is 35 feet.
I measured and it was under 30 feet.
They wouldn't come back and wouldn't refund my money. (They did clean my windows for free but that didn't solve my problem.)
Called someone else and the eave was cleaned immediately, no problem.
Photo attached to show Gold Standard how to clean eaves.
Don't waste your time with these guys.
22 Dec 2015

All my contracts in one

Gold Standard is my number one choice for home cleaning. I used to have 3 different contractors to finish jobs in and around my home which was costly and time-wasting. When I found that Gold Standard covers all the services I needed I immediately switched and told the old contractors goodbye. Contacting, scheduling and payment have been quick and easy. You can tell they are all about customer satisfaction because they stick around until things are sparkly clean!
26 Nov 2015

Commercial standards for home care

The carpet cleaning service offered by Gold Standard is awesome. I like the fact that they offer commercial standards but are still able to do smaller residential jobs.

Thanks also for being able to come out so soon. Your technicians were on time and did a fabulous job getting that carpet back to its original clean.
10 Jun 2015

Amazing how much they get up

This is the second time I’ve used Gold Standard for our carpet cleaning needs in three years, the first time after we moved in. The crew does a great job at cleaning our carpets on the stairs, bedrooms, and in the basement. There's fur plus a lot of dirt that you can't even see ground in there. It's very impressive how much they get up. We've decided to make this annual as I'm confident it will reduce mildew and other irritants in the air.
18 Feb 2015

Quick, affordable carpet cleaning

Highly recommended if you have pets. Speaking for myself, our carpets get dirty pretty quickly from cat fur and dirty paws. With my one year old son learning to walk we’re not ready to have hard wood floors as yet, so we choose Gold Standard Home Care’s annual carpet cleaning service and it’s just excellent. The cleaner is kind and respectful of the home and best of all the job gets done in a jiffy.
12 Oct 2014

Best carpet cleaner I've tried

Gold Standard’s carpet cleaning service was the only company that I can say cleaned my store’s carpet to my satisfaction after nine years in business. After the cleaning was done they applied what I believe is called a carpet guard, which no one has offered me before. I will definitely be using these guys again.
14 Aug 2014

The carpet looks years younger

The technicians came into our home on time for the quote we requested. They were extremely nice, friendly and professional. Their carpet cleaning services were on point and knocked years off the look of the carpet. Well done. I did have to chase accounting over one issue but it was resolved quickly enough.
16 Mar 2014

Carpets look and smell very clean

I requested a no obligation quote for my 2 floor office space from Gold Standard and received a reply the same day. They were efficient and had a reasonable price which is why I chose them to do the job. The carpets look and smell very clean. Thanks for providing top quality service.